Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ireland: The World's Friendliest Country

Ireland topped a list of the World's Friendliest Countries in a survey drawn up by the Lonely Planet travel guide group in 2008. The Lonely Planet Bluelist books are annual collections of the top trends, destinations and experiences around the world. In the 2008 survey, Ireland comes in above Fiji, Indonesia and Malawi as the friendliest travel destination.

People were said to have 'a deliciously dark sense of humour'. The Emerald Isle has 'a welcoming attitude towards strangers' and the Irish can find craic in boom or bust eras, Lonely Planet said.

Visitors are always 'in for a treat' and with 'The Troubles' ended, 'a cautious optimism reigns supreme, infecting the land once again with the sense that anything's possible'.

"Friendly Ireland tops Lonely Planet list" to read the full article go to RTE.ie

Over 130,000 students come to Ireland each year to learn English. The warm welcome of the people of the of Ireland makes it easy to learn English and to build confidence in speaking English. You will be treated as a member of the family from the moment you arrive. Students are guaranteed to have lots of opportunities to speak English with the friendly Irish people. An English course in Ireland takes place not only with your English teacher and host family but every where you go and with everyone you meet!

L’Irlande est une destination de plus en plus populaire parmi les étudiants d’anglais venant du monde entier. Chaque année, plus de 130 000 étudiants viennent en Irlande pour apprendre l’anglais. Parmi les destinations touristiques les plus populaires, l’Irlande a été nommée Pays le plus Accueillant au Monde par le guide de voyage Lonely Planet. Celui-ci explique que les visiteurs ne pourront qu’apprécier leur voyage, les Irlandais ayant le sens de l’humour, une nature accueillante et la capacité de s’amuser en toute circonstance.

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