Monday, February 8, 2010

English and Farmstay Programme in Ireland - A Great Success in 2009

Our English & Farmstay Programme in Ireland  proved to be one of our most popular programmes during 2009.  We are expecting a very busy year in 2010.   The feedback from students was very positivie.  They really enjoyed staying on a real Irish farm and getting involved in the farm activities.  The English & Farmstay programme gives a great opportunity for an authentic experience of Irish life and culture as you stay with a real family on a real farm and get involved in the day to day life of the family and the farm.  It is also an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, home cooking and beautiful countryside of Ireland. 

Like all of our English Courses in Ireland, the most important part of our English & Farmstay programme is that it allows the student to learn English by receiving a full immersion in the English language.  Students speak English all the time as there are no other foreign students on the farm at the same time.  Our students have found that getting involved in the farm activities makes it easier to build confidence in speaking English. 

Our English & Farmstay holidays in Ireland are different as they allow the student the opportunity to get involved in life on the farm and the farm activities.  A lot of other so-called farmstay holidays are B&B or guest houses that happen to be on a farm.  You are separated from the family and you eat your meals alone.  You never receive the opportunity to get involved in the farm activities. 

Our students have told us that they love our Farmstay Programmes as they offer the opportunity to get involved in farm life and family life.  You are treated as a member of the host family from the moment you arrive.  You eat all your meals with the family.  Most importantly, your English improves very quickly.  We expect that demand will be very high for our English & Farmstay Programmes this year.  Anyone interested in booking should contact us as early as possible to avoid dissapointment.

If you have stayed on one of our farm stays in Ireland, we would be delighted to hear from you and to receive your comments or photos.

Un séjour linguistique à la ferme en Irlande vous donne l’occasion unique d’être totalement plongé dans la langue en vivant avec votre propre professeur particulier et sa famille dans leur ferme en Irlande. Les étudiants bénéficient des cours d’anglais particuliers de leur professeur, de l’hébergement en pension complète et participent aux activités de la ferme.  Nos séjours linguistiques à la ferme en Irlande sont vraiment différents de toute autre expérience d’apprentissage de l’anglais.